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When I am working I play the ukulele. I think the first thing that I do is put it up over the bridge end of the guitar which is very good. Now, at this point, I can’t play anymore, so I take my left hand and I just finger pick the strings. I am trying to get the chord, play the chord, and then I am thinking, I’m going to do something that I am sure if you play this I am sure you can do it too.”

What are some of your favorite chord progressions?

“I like the song ‘I Ain’t Got No Home in My City,’ and the song ‘I’m Alive.’ I always just play it over and over. Or when I play it over to somebody, it is just like a beautiful melody coming out of me. I can play it very quickly,” says Chazzy.

The Ugly Duckling is the eighteenth and final episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. For the previous season, read The Haunting of Hill Giant and The Princess and the Peasan. The episode is a sequel to “The Book of Bad Memories” and an end part of “Mortal Folly” when Finn and Jake find out there is a second Book of Bad Memories!


It’s the end of the road for the Ugly Duckling, whose adventures have ended with his final adventure. Finn goes home but Finn sees a giant chicken flying away with the book under its wings, implying that it is actually a book of bad memories from Finn’s past. Jake arrives and tells Finn that he’s had it with that book and is going off to write his own. Finn agrees to go back to see Jake again to retrieve the book.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


The song “The Ugly Duckling” plays when Finn goes home.

The episode’s logo was drawn by the artist Mike Mignola. It appeared alongside the episode title card.

When Finn goes to the library to reclaim the book, he says, “Hey, you don’t have to ask me twice, there is plenty of food in the library.” It might be a reference to “Wendy & Lucy” and “The Simpsons”.

When Jake shows up, he is seen holding the book but not in Finn’s arms.

The “P. S. B.” sign at the end of the library seems to read

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