How do you teach a ukulele for beginners? – Baritone Ukulele Lessons For Beginners

I’ve used them all the time, starting at age 8, just playing around with some tunes, and learning to string it, and then at 16 I started doing workshops on the guitar, teaching the ukulele, and eventually I switched the whole thing to the guitar, because that’s more exciting.

What’s the one thing that makes lessons interesting?

The things your teacher talks about…they go on forever. It’s not like, “Oh boy, he’s telling me about that time when he got his first guitar. He was trying to make this like a guitar and all the things it was gonna do and…uh, I’m not going to follow that.” It’s something else, and it makes everything interesting. It’s really, really easy to listen and understand. When you see your teacher, you’re like, “Wow. That is so great to hear.” It’s hard to explain what they’re doing at first, and it’s just so beautiful.

Did you get a chance to sit in on a lesson with a Ukulele prodigy, Andrew “Aero” Williams?

I did. We went to Chicago together in 2013, and just kind of stayed out of each other’s way, so I didn’t get to see him play. He played all over Chicago at the time in this very cool band, so I was lucky enough to get to hear him play.

So, you said you think ukuleles are interesting to play. How does it feel knowing a ukulele-playing prodigy in Chicago is going to be coming over to your house in a week?

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I don’t know any ukulele-playing kids [laughs]. I think their parents just think they’re cool.

“I think their parents just think they’re cool. I’ve used them since I was 8 and they’re super cool. So I’m hoping that they’re gonna let me help them learn to play.”

I guess I’m lucky to get to help someone learn to play this instrument!

I’m really lucky. I’ve used ukuleles since I was 8, and they’re super cool. I’m hoping that they’re gonna let me help them learn to play.

I know ukuleles are mostly for kids, but I’m wondering how the ukulele differs from playing regular guitar.

It makes it way more fun to play. You can play a song you

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