How do you teach a ukulele for beginners? – Youtube Learn To Play Ukulele Margaritaville Intro

I started from the ground up and now I teach all manner of strings, basses, and even some more modern instruments. I teach from scratch so I often come across questions that I would like to answer before others like myself. Here is a very brief excerpt from the website at the end of this post…

“How do you teach a ukulele for beginners? What are the things that you look for in a ukulele teacher? “For teaching beginners I look for:

-Must be able to teach the ukulele from start to finish

-Must be able to teach uke-type strings

-Must be able to teach ukulele intonation

-Must be able to offer ukulele lessons. As I play the ukulele I’ll try to provide an example uke-type song or ukulele tune that I can play and explain how it works to beginners.

When I have found a teacher who can fit my criteria for my students and provide an example of a song or uke-type tune, I then offer the lessons to the entire class. But it’s not all about songs! After all if I don’t teach you the basics then what will a beginner learn?”

What do you do about people who don’t think they can play uke or guitar?

“Sometimes I hear someone tell me they don’t need to take lessons (which I would think is ludicrous…). I tell them that I have taught them the music they are playing and they have an answer in their mind for every possible question about playing the ukulele. For example: “I can play uke-type songs. I don’t need to hear you sing, dance, or play a tune”. This is also why I always recommend that you read a guide or a song or tune book before deciding to do any lessons. It also gives you a better idea about what you are getting into. I do have a few songs I like to play to those who would like help, but the songs I like to do are songs that I can play well and feel confident performing.

So when your new to the ukulele, or if you have questions about uke-playing, do a little research and give your instructor and teacher a call and ask them how you can help out. The more you know, the more you can contribute. You’ll find out what your potential partners need

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