How long does it take to learn a ukulele? – Best Beginner Ukulele App

At our studio all the practice time is spent playing the instrument. We teach the ukulele on a daily basis but most people who play the instrument are not musicians or have never played in a real studio environment. The best way to learn an instrument is to spend some time playing it. You may have found a ukulele lying around (like mine) and decided you want to learn it and find your first ukulele lesson. Once you’ve spent some time with it then you can begin to learn how to play it.

What type of ukuleles are you looking for?

For us ukuleles are a personal piece of art that we create with our own hands. Our ukuleles are not like any other guitar/blend of instruments. Our ukuleles are made of wood with an old style luthier’s method of cutting through wood. Our ukuleles are a collaboration between us and the people that we admire like Steve Albini, John Zorn, Jeff Tweedy, Robert Fripp, Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, Neil Young, David Bowie, Chris Cornell and countless others.

How are ukuleles played?

Ukuleles are played using the ukulele pick, the ukulele strings are the size of normal guitar strings and the top of the ukulele is covered with a black rubber mat. To play a ukulele your fingers are facing towards the edge of the guitar. To play any other instrument the hands are facing the front of the guitar.

How many strings do I need for the ukulele (10, 12, 15 or 20)?

As an established studio in New York City ukuleles are made with a 6-string kit (or 10-string kit). For more information regarding the different string options please visit our String Options page.

What are my payment options?

The main payment options on this site are PayPal, Visa and MasterCard. When paying by other payment methods, we usually require a payment for the instrument as well as a $25 deposit. You need to pay a deposit within 7 days of purchasing the instrument to guarantee a payment. For more information regarding the payment method and deposit requirements please visit our Payment Information page.

What is the return policy?

Returning the ukulele is always a bad idea. This is a personal instrument. We want to give

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