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If you’re familiar with the ukulele, it may take a lot longer to learn the ukulele than you might expect. It’s not a given that a musician is going to have to be trained on a ukulele in order to learn it, and even with a ukulele, it’s not a given that a musician is going to spend their day in front of it. This also changes if you learn it from a professional coach or a teacher. Here are a few reasons why it could be more challenging:

The ukulele is an electric instrument, so its strings have to be the right length, and the ukulele has to be tuned, which takes longer to learn because it depends on the string spacing.

The ukulele is a stringed instrument, so it has to vibrate at a specific pitch to play the notes; this takes more time.

The ukulele has a smaller range than other instruments, and its scale-length can change between different notes, which takes longer to learn.

Some instruments — like the guitar — require a lot of strumming, so it’s not surprising that they can be a lot harder than a ukulele.

Because it’s an acoustic instrument, the ukulele’s sound is generally more delicate than a violin’s or a piano’s, so in addition to learning the pitch of individual notes for each instrument, you must also learn to tune each instrument’s timbre, meaning the sound at different points in the instrument’s sound.

So, in each case, learning a ukulele will likely take you longer at least to the point that you may only be able to play one ukulele instrument at a time.

Is learning a real ukulele the most challenging thing you’ve ever done?

Most definitely! There are many reasons why learning a real ukulele can be challenging:

The ukulele is a stringed instrument and it’s got some unique things going for it, which need to be mastered to play one without missing a note and make it sound like something you could play with a guitar or a piano.

The ukulele has a smaller range than others in the same genre, so if you’re only good at playing one ukulele instrument, it will take you a long time to get it just right.

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