How long does it take to learn a ukulele?

I really dislike playing solo ukulele as I am not a good or experienced player. If you have great patience and you can play regularly for 2 hours a day then you could learn the instrument with no problems. But this is difficult for many players. If it is not an easy instrument to learn and I would advise a ukulele teacher to help teach you what you have to do. But you always have to improve your skills to the next level and practice a lot before trying a ukulele for the first time.

Will learning any musical instruments make you more productive? I am very interested in music, but I feel my mind is far away from the piano and I’m not really interested in the jazz or the classical world. I’m pretty sure it’s not a cause of that. However, I’ve been watching YouTube videos and learning the guitar and I can not do things like reading a book or writing a paper!

Which is more important to you: being busy or having a goal? I’m not working or doing all the things needed to succeed in my profession. So I can not enjoy my work anymore if I’m not occupied with my hobbies! As the saying goes, being content with one’s work is the best way to achieve success!

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What is the most important thing to you in a relationship? My parents are extremely supportive of my life choices, but that is not the way I would have them. I’m really good at explaining myself and my beliefs clearly and in the best way possible. I enjoy being with them with my heart open that if any conflict arises, they will support me to be able to express myself. The relationship I’m in today is not a partnership at all. I will always be a person that wants to express myself and be a partner.

What’s the most important thing to you when choosing a spouse? The woman’s mind and feelings. When she’s being very supportive, it’s really sweet. But then there are certain aspects of it that I need to take into consideration such as her personal beauty. When I was dating my wife, I was very aware of her beauty and I liked the way she carried herself, the way she smiled and the way she took care of herself. If I went around telling all my friends I look awesome with her beautiful face and her smooth hair, it would make me the most annoying man. My wife and I have a great relationship and I’m really happy in it.

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