How much should a decent ukulele cost? – Health Benefits Of Playing A Ukulele

A cheap one can sound and play like a premium one but you will always be carrying a heavy piece of equipment. You should buy the least expensive ukulele in its class to allow you to bring along some extra cash when you get to play (and see what is going on in my life).

Is an instrument like a violin worth buying?

You usually need at least three months practice to become a serious beginner. So, you may find that you don’t enjoy playing the instrument. It is also extremely unlikely that you will succeed in an instrument that is going to be your future profession (i.e. a doctor or an engineer).

At those levels, a regular ukulele may be a lot more enjoyable than a premium one but still you can easily overpay for one. Don’t try to convince me that the guitar is worth hundreds of pounds – or hundreds of dollars – every time you play it.

What do I get when I buy my first ukulele?

If you buy an original ukulele made for yourself you are probably saving yourself around £150 or £200. This is assuming you are buying one that is in good condition (this is important as the strings will wear and break). If they don’t feel good enough or you decide to try another ukulele you might end up with a much better value and you can return it for a full refund.

Also, be aware that, as per normal practice, you can pick up the original strings again before purchasing the new ones. So in effect you are buying a second ukulele that is 100% original (although this isn’t always the case because one string will start to break very easily, the same as on a regular acoustic guitar). If you buy a second one which is in good condition it can cost far more.

Can I play ukulele on the road?

In theory you could, but unless you are very particular about your travel plans then you’ll find it easier just to carry the ukulele with you. This means that if you need to switch instruments during a journey (e.g. from the toilet to the restaurant) then it is more likely that you will do so using the ukulele, and there is likely to be some noise, but that shouldn’t be a major worry.

If you do decide to travel with the ukulele though you should make sure you know at which

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