How much should I charge for ukulele lessons? – Learning Ukulele Chords

To teach ukulele lessons you’ll want to look closer at your local local schools (and their rates). If you’re going to send a teacher you need to think about whether you want to take your teacher on for free and if you want a discount for a local school. Some schools that offer ukulele lessons have free tuition, so you’ll have to book in a tutor if you want to get a session in. Many schools do offer a discounted rate for a local ukulele teacher, so try to book in before you try and book a tutor.

Ukulele classes are cheaper in places like Manchester, Sheffield and Edinburgh, but you’ll likely need to pay for local tutors and lessons in other places which may include places where you need more money than you will to pay for ukulele lessons.

We also recommend looking out for things like a local club, your school principal or school sports club (some schools provide sports equipment, for example). Try to get a group together and meet up before teaching so you’ll get to know each other. It’s good to plan what ukulele lessons you’ll need a week in advance so you have plenty of time to talk!

What do I need to know when I teach?

Whether you’re starting out or have recently graduated, there’s a good chance that your ukulele’s are in a bad or at best just okay condition. There are a few tips that you could take to make your lessons a lot more pleasant for yourself and your ukulele.

Be aware you may have to buy new ukulele strings!

Do your fingers burn? Have you already tried to make ukulele music with old string? If it’s a new ukulele you might be concerned about this. Don’t fret about it just yet, though – a lot of people don’t even notice the burn marks on their finger. They’re a normal consequence of playing uke strings for a really long time, and that’s not really something you can fix with a little string cleaning!

Is your ukulele broken in? If you only play one ukulele a day (and you probably just do anyway!) then maybe you haven’t tried to clean it. When you buy a new ukulele, make sure you clean it thoroughly before you teach so you don’t end up with a broken ukulele. Be especially careful if

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