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I think it’s great to practice a lot. Especially if you’re still a beginner. I think my teacher said to try and do an hour per day. It was very simple in the beginning for me. It could be harder to learn if you’re not practicing for a long period of time. We went up to Canada and played more often.

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At one point in college our instructor said to me, “This is what you’ll be doing.” I did it, and learned so much. It’s all down to that teacher. I have no regrets about any of the lessons I’ve taken, and I think that makes the teacher really happy because it helps him improve.

After that incident, I don’t have much memory of ukulele any more. My parents think of me in terms of playing soccer, and teaching, so they don’t have much of an interest in it. I was thinking, “What’s the point of a lesson if I can’t remember it?”

When it comes to ukulele, I can’t remember most of the sounds. The other day I had to play some rhythm instruments because my teacher said he was tired and couldn’t practice. He said things like, “You need to play this melody and don’t let anyone else hear it.” He said that a student couldn’t just listen to this for a single note, but only a few hundred of them.

I’ve been playing this instrument for almost twenty years. If I wasn’t doing ukulele, I don’t know if I would still be playing. I’ve learned a lot about this instrument, how it plays notes, where the tone goes, and how it needs to be played and understood when you are playing it.

So what would you have said if you went back to school? What is the best way to approach your future when it comes to ukulele? I would probably stay a little closer to home, and play music in my own room. If I had to choose, I like to be a better musician and better violinist. Playing ukulele is more challenging than playing the violin. It’s different.

We’re getting so many great ukulele players now who have passed away, and there’s a lot of grief surrounding the loss of these great ukulele players. I don’t really want to bring attention to their deaths. I just think they were wonderful people, and the music they made is so beautiful and beautiful and

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