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For many years, classical music is the most popular musical genre; yet, there aren’t a lot of music classes designed to teach beginner/intermediate musicians how to learn this music.

Many of us have seen our own parents spend years in concert programs. And many of us have met our own musical “brothers” in concert programs. Many of us have had the opportunity to play in bands and have had the good fortune of seeing many great musicians perform at our concerts as well. So why is there not a good, structured teaching approach to all of which can benefit all of us?

The reasons are obvious.

Many people have no formal musical training. Many do not care to learn this music at all.

Music teachers don’t have the time or desire to teach music to beginners.

Most are also not interested in teaching music to students who might not be interested in learning classical music in the first place. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to take that approach: for beginners, for concert musicians of all levels.

Let’s break this down:

Those who have little or no formal musical training spend years in school and study it.

Students who spend years studying classical music but can’t make it to the next level become very discouraged. Then they give up for a few years until they can finally afford to do a class. And, like many of us, they struggle with basic chord progressions, the different key signatures, scales, harmony, arpeggios, and so forth.

So the results are not always good, and some of them end up frustrated. And it’s frustrating for any music lover to spend so long studying the same musical material over and over again.

Students who want to learn classical music but don’t have enough time and desire give up for a while.

And then, the frustration sets in.

The student feels like “this isn’t what I wanted to do.” Or, they don’t know the material. Or the teacher doesn’t talk about it often enough. Or they “lose interest” from the lack of teaching to them.

And this is why music teachers don’t “teach” students to classical music, because they have “no idea how to teach” this music.

And that’s why you need to start teaching music to beginners before you

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