Is a soprano ukulele good for beginners?

I am not a beginner but a beginner musician who has always loved and enjoyed a good ukulele. What I am saying is, once you learn how to string on a guitar, you can string a ukulele.

What’s something you’ll probably have a hard time learning to string?

I am very comfortable with stringing on the ukulele and want to get very comfortable with stringing a guitar. I like the idea of keeping the strings short so that you can play them in tempo, without the need to tie on your instrument.

What’s something you’ll learn in stringing that will surprise you?

I will learn the fundamentals of stringing and how one should keep them as short as possible. I would love to also learn more advanced things, like the best way to practice and which way to string your instrument.

Are you looking for a ukulele teacher in the Bay Area?

Yes, I’m looking to find someone to coach me on my instrument! I’ve been wanting to play an ukulele for a long time and have been thinking about it a lot lately…

When you’re not practicing and singing karaoke – how much of an avid musician are you?

I was raised in the punk and noise rock scene as a teenager and am a huge fan of the heavy rock genre that has been played on this planet for decades. I play guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, keys, percussion and vocals… I am not interested in any of the modern punk songs either, but I am an avid reader and I like to read, listen to music and to listen to music all through the day.

Any bands you listen to while you practicing?

I have listened to a lot of great music while learning and practicing. I also listen to a lot of electronic music, electronica, hip hop and new age music in addition to some classical music. I am looking for great new and old music that I can get my heart into.

one thing you’re most proud of in life?

I am most proud of my son and my daughter. The support they have given me in life and my music has helped me be a much better person.

Which one item can you not live without?

For sure my music. I can’t live without it. My kids and I spend so much time together making music together that we wouldn’t be able to be