Is flute harder than violin? – Let It Be Ukulele Chords

A lot is based on experience and it seems that many people have a great opinion about it in one way or another.

How can I improve this?

Try to learn as much as you can about this. Practice. Learn how to use this piece as it is, as fast as it is, as smooth as possible. Try to memorize everything, every single note, every time and every sound (and note). Try to master it. Don’t try to force yourself to play it without knowing how to play the notes, but do understand the principles behind the music if a mistake happens early on. Don’t forget to have fun!

How to learn a piece of flute music…

This is another version of the classic classic, the Burt Reynolds-type, but here he is playing with the ladies:

“Gentlemen, I just went out on a date with a hot college grad and got me some more information regarding the next album.”

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Yes, I can see it. The guy got me info. What was I thinking?

“Oh, I really enjoyed that concert in Chicago, so it was a good night,” is all he said, as the crowd went silent. “I’ll tell you what’s good, you have to read our new album. It’s a record that will make you feel like you’re in your twenties, when your hair is cut, and when your lips are chiseled, and when your chest is rounded – all at the same time.”

No, it isn’t. It is the usual stuff. The guy says he hasn’t even listened to the album yet. I think it is more of an excuse to play up the women’s attractiveness than anything else. You don’t have to know much about flute, except that you like it, and not too hard. That’s all.

“It’s very cool,” I say. “I’m really excited, and we’ll be going out together, sometime soon.”

“Really? I’d like that,” the guy says. “When’s now going to be, oh, next week?”

“This week, but I want to take our time.”

“Oh. Well, then we can meet at a bar, and just… talk for a while?”

The guy frowns. “No, I have my job to do.”

I try to think what I’ve said wrong but I don’t have a clue

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