Is flute harder than violin?

Well, yes and no. You might get to know a more difficult flute player by going through their playing, but you’ll also get to know many of their flaws. And while I have come across many bad violins and bad flutes, I have also played with players who have played with great violins or flutes.

I recently watched my son play the first movement of the Dvorák violin concerto. I can’t speak to how good a player Dvorék actually is (he plays it again at the end, with minor variation), but the piece is very challenging as he puts a lot of effort into it. The violins in the piece, such as the Dvorák violin 3, are not for the faint-hearted or the novice.

What will a flute player look like in a month?

The answer is this: you will need at least one flute class a month. You might need two, or you might need three. Most of the people playing the flutes do so because they find the practice extremely enjoyable, the technique rewarding and the instruments interesting. A flute player who doesn’t give these three things a chance, though, will simply make it too easy for himself and his students, and he will only get better. The key is for him to go back and re-think what his practice strategy needs to be. After all, most people’s daily practice consists of going downstairs, or even taking a short break from work — not flute practice.

Are the flute and violins really harder than the violin and cello?

Yes, in both categories. The difference is that here you have to get to know an instrument and master technique to master it. So, for instance, the cello is easy to learn, because it’s one chord on three strings. But for flute players, this is a whole new ball game, because their technique has to be completely different from how a cello player plays. I know hundreds of very talented cellist who simply play the cello wrong. You can’t play it the same way with a flute. The cellist’s playing style is totally different from the flute player’s, and this is where the magic begins.

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And if you need to know how to master a particular piece with a particular instrument, then you’ll need to learn a good beginner’s book on the instrument, which most players won’t. There’s really no comparison, because