Is it easier to learn to play guitar or ukulele?

Guitar is pretty straight-forward and very much a natural skill to pick, even if it seems daunting right from the start; it’s the same with ukulele. As with any new instrument, you’ll notice that once you do, you’ll find it’s relatively easy to pick up but requires a lot of practice (with any type of instrument).

What is your instrument of choice?

My favourite instrument is the cello, I’m usually in the same room or in the same room with my brother when he plays (although sometimes I’ll be alone or at my friend’s place when I’m not). He likes to have the ukulele to sit in on the piano at a lower volume. I’d love to learn something more exotic but can’t find a reason to move away from the ukulele and its easy to learn.

What is the most expensive instrument you have ever owned?

I have owned one ukulele from the mid-90s (that was very expensive, by today’s standards), and a vintage guitar, too. I bought that from a lady who lived in a bungalow with a tiny kitchen. The kitchen was an old one but it used to have a kitchenette. I have no idea where that came from.

What sort of songs are you currently singing?

Majestic! We live with a group called The Womb, they play in a bar I work at, which is called The Bistro and have a huge list of songs. They are currently singing a couple of songs (about my dad’s divorce and his addiction issues) and they really want to sing any songs I could play in the mix, I’ve got my ukulele with me. I try to do some things on the ukulele but I haven’t been very good at it yet so I can do worse. I would be interested in playing a larger scale ukulele and do something with it but I’m not up for it yet.

How do you stay motivated?

I’m not at all motivated at all; it’s a bit of a game of “how much longer do I get? I have an exam coming up which will be the last exam for some time so I know it will be something else. I know there will be a lot of time off, I know that when I come in, there might be a lot of money lying around on the table to buy