Is it easier to learn to play guitar or ukulele?

How do you find inspiration? Like you just started out and didn’t find it at a big club with all the other players?

Do you take breaks between gigs?

Do you have a preferred guitar tuner?
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Do you like or dislike soloing?

Do you want a drum kit to practice at after gigs?

Would you like to practice with a band that is just your friends or is a full time band a necessity?

How do you get the most out of your time?

How do you feel about your playing/playing technique?

Can you imagine having a band without a rhythm section or only two-four players?

What’s the difference between getting a job in a record company and doing it yourself?

The main benefit that you find with playing a full time band is:

1. You get the full experience of playing in a band.

2. You learn how to learn new songs and get better as the band grows – something you cannot do with just one gig.

3. Everyone is on the same page as to style in writing songs/records.

4. You get to do lots of rehearsals, in the same room with many other people.

5. You get to do lots of gigs with lots of people, so you have many friends you get to meet.

How are you the leader of the band?

Is the bass player better than the drums/guitar player?

Who would win in a contest over all four groups – the soloist, the drummer, the bass player and the ukulele player?

Are you better off going to college to study guitar or studying to be a band member?

What’s your favourite thing about playing the drums?

Do you miss it when you don’t have the drums?

How do you develop your own technique?

What’s the difference between playing ukulele and banjo?

Do you think that you can play in the same tune from day to day?

Who are your favorite singers playing today?

Which song from your last album are you most proud of?

Are there any songs that you haven’t yet done?

If you met somebody or someone you wanted to meet who was a guitar player, what’s the best way to make up and connect with them?

How long do you practice a jam