Is it easy to learn ukulele?

Learning Ukulele is easy. You don’t even need any instrument book to learn them. You simply start with a beginner’s technique on the first song. This is the best way to learn ukulele.

What is the most difficult song to record?

Hard to say, because we usually record only in a certain song and then make small changes on it. A lot of them are easy. So the most difficult songs are songs which have some complicated sections like “A New Beginner” or “Shake It Like U Can” or “Treat You Properly” or “One of My Own”. We also don’t like playing the songs with more than 2 verses and one chorus, but we usually record them to just one-half of that.

How’s it possible you are still young?

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You can always have more experience in your career. We were in the group UGK, but I was 17 when we recorded the first album. When I was 21 I started to play ukulele again. We just started recording as a group again and it wasn’t really a group at that point because at that moment we already had our own company and I did all the songs for them. We were in a big party at the time, but I was so busy that I didn’t even pay attention to the rest of us. And so I just got busy and did the best I could. And so I ended up doing that for almost ten years.

When I was 21 I started again playing ukulele and it was a completely different experience. The whole way of playing is so different it is completely different. For me, I started to learn what worked and what doesn’t for playing a ukulele. All I knew is that it has to make it go into an organ. Playing the ukulele wasn’t a problem. But then I met a really talented ukulele player in England and I asked him if I could borrow some of his ukulele. The first time I practiced with him he immediately told me, “Ah, you can’t borrow that.” But then he started to play it. He just changed his sound a lot in that day, and within a few weeks he told me that his playing was really different and I immediately thought it was the best ukulele player in England right then.

Do you keep up with the latest musicians?

I still talk to a lot of musicians