Is learning ukulele hard?

I will tell you, it can be hell.

Learning ukulele hard?

It’s not hard, just hard to get used to.

Let’s start teaching it once and move on.

How to make your own ukulele:

What you need at first is a ukulele.

You don’t need a ukulele if you already have one but there are many reasons why you need to have one.

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First and foremost, it’s fun to play, especially if you do it with friends, or if you get a new ukulele you really love. The other reason may be that it’s hard to learn how to play a completely different instrument, like the guitar.

Now that you’ve got one, you’d like to make it into a beautiful instrument: with stringing, tuning, picking, and tone matching.

I’ll go through this in more detail in the steps below if you’re interested.

What you will need at first is a ukulele.

Here are my top picks:

For beginners, the Gibson Fender Stratocaster is the most economical option.


If you’re looking for a more affordable starter instrument, you’ll probably be fine taking the $6 Stratocaster with you wherever you go or buying other instruments to supplement your guitar skills.

For a more affordable starting piece, I’m going with the Korg Kontakt 5, or the ukulele can be purchased used for just $20 on eBay.

I recommend the Korg as a first ukulele as it offers nice tone matching, stringing, and playability.

I also think the Korg is a better overall ukulele and offers more features than the ukulele you’ll find on eBay.

The only downside with the Korg is that it has less stringing options than the ukulele you’ll find on eBay, but that’s because it is a plastic ukulele and they just have slightly narrower tabs compared to ukuleles that are glued to wood or plastic.


If you love ukuleles but don’t have a Strat (or want to make this a new hobby but don’t want to spend $16k, then you can upgrade to one of the many different instruments from the Yamaha RY-50 to the Korg K