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Not really. The two instruments are very similar in terms of the sound and style they produce. There are a couple of keys to the difference.

Because you are not trying to make music from any genre or technique, you are doing something entirely different. It is no use trying to duplicate a particular sound or style or technique. The difference is in your approach.

If you were to go into the studio with the intention to make pop, for example, with a lot of melody and harmonies, you would not be going to guitar. That is obvious.

If, however, you were intending to make classical music, it would be much more difficult but a more appropriate instrument to begin with. At this point, if you look back at your previous playing, it will most definitely have a musical character.

A very common mistake made by a lot of guitar players is that they try to emulate the type of sound you make. That is exactly the wrong approach. By trying to emulate some of the qualities of a certain instrument, you will not create the kind of sound we are after here.

The music you are making is, therefore, entirely different in approach.

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I have often thought of using a synthesiser, not because it is difficult, but because it gives you a great way to add musical quality into a song. It is also quite easy for the guitar player to use, because the synthesis is such a natural sound. It is not exactly the same, but it is a good way to create that musical flavour.

You are saying that you do not want to write music, and you do not intend to produce music. Is your approach in fact much different from other piano players and what kind of music do they write?

As a pianist, I think I may be better suited to the creative process than a lot of other people. In the beginning I was influenced by playing the piano for hours on end, but my interest really started developing as soon as I started writing.

I think that my style comes about naturally. I think that a lot of other singers and musicians are interested only in the way they sound and are just beginning to develop their own ideas.

One of the most important things is to keep your feet on the ground, and to follow what is happening around you. There is really no reason for anyone to go into the studio to try to produce music. They should stay out, learn techniques and try to create a style of their own

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