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I don’t think so.

I guess that’s an example of what I just described? That people can take what they hear from somebody and say, “OK, now you can make a song out of that,” or “I wonder if the drums could be replaced by a keyboard, that’ll make a song.” No one takes a band, and they get together and decide what they want it to sound like. That’s what music is about. To me, that’s what writing songs is. And I’ve written great songs. But I’d never take it as, “Here’s a song and here’s the record. There! It’s done!” I’d say, “I want it to be the opposite. I want to give people something to think about.” And so, when you look at my work, there are some songs that have a lot of ideas, there are some songs that have a little bit of a feeling. Some people don’t like these ideas, that’s fine. It’s like any other art. It’s not always the first one.

It’s nice to hear you say you prefer a different approach than you did on your first album. You’ve mentioned it before…

It’s nice, yeah. I do the new record on a very different basis. I have to be careful, because no matter how good a second record is, it will just be more of what’s already happening in a particular song. It’s got to be the antithesis, to an extent. I did that in my first album and I wasn’t satisfied, I wasn’t satisfied with the song. I wanted to do something very different from what I knew. And yet, every time I look at it, it makes me think, “Man, how did that get done? What’s the story?” And I’d ask myself, “Is there a better story I could tell?” So I have to go through that again, trying to figure it out. And I think it will make me a better artist in the end.

Sitting on the fence between two different approaches to security is often a problem when it comes to encryption.
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Safeguards on both sides of the Atlantic are increasingly focused on securing communications from espionage and terrorism threats. While many US security concerns focus upon the security measures for mobile devices, a much more worrying concern regarding encryption lies within the data that consumers send back to their companies on a regular basis.

However, while mobile encryption is often seen as the answer

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