Is ukulele better than guitar? – Best Way To Learn To Play The Ukulele Online Game

This is the question that you will surely be asking yourself after reading this article. If you’ve been using a guitar as your main instrument for an extended period of time, then this is really no problem and you won’t be disappointed.

If on the other hand it’s your first instrument, then you have two main options in case you want to learn a new instrument; either find an oldie or a newie.

Finding an oldie

What is an oldie? An oldie is pretty much a guitar that’s not been played in years; it’s used as a rehearsal guitar, it’s just not on any records and no live concerts to show it off to the world.

You can find oldies on eBay, auction sites, thrift shops, flea markets, at charity shops, or anything else that will take the oldie. You can even buy them at your local music store and have the instrument at your disposal to play any time, anywhere!

Where is the closest oldie store?

I use to go to the music store and buy oldies. Nowadays, I look all in the shops and online to see which ones have the most selection.

The first time I bought an oldie off a friend I had the weirdest idea – ‘Wow that’s so cool’.

The only problem was that the guitar still looked new. So I told my friend that I couldn’t play it because I didn’t know its history. So he brought it back to the music store and said, “Oh yeah, I can’t believe you have an oldie in there! Let me go and do a little research and see what it does”.

That was probably around the time I first started learning to play an oldie.

A few years later, I found this little web search on the guitar’s history on a guitar site. Then I went to get my guitar repaired and found a picture from a blog with some info. I think, it got me started to learn!

Then when I went to buy my first newbie guitar a couple of years later, I found out that their oldies were in amazing condition; I saw a YouTube video by this musician about how the oldies looked and they definitely felt like oldies.

So I looked online again at the most suitable oldie sellers and asked them to send a picture of the guitar to me, that’s pretty much how it happened.


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