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There are some simple things to keep in mind with ukuleles. If you don’t play much, its best to try and stay with a simple ukulele, just make sure you don’t change the strings from time to time (unless you have the perfect sound and the ukulele is still playing pretty well so its just a matter of taste). If you play a lot on this instrument, maybe try and replace the strings on your ukulele with a set of different ukuleles that were made for it in the past.

If you’re unsure of where to start, try reading up on other instruments (guitars, ukuleles etc) by searching for an article, or visiting wikipedia.
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Ukulele Setup

I have some links for uke setups.

What do the strings on your ukulele look like?

This is what our ukes look like on this page. Some of them are slightly larger than others (which is normal), some are smaller, and there are even smaller ukes than in the picture. My uke looks about 6″ long.

Can I get a tuner for my ukulele?

Yes! There is a tuner that is supplied with it that you can buy off Ebay. They cost about £4.95

Uke Tunings

How do I play the ukulele?

There are several different ways you can perform your ukulele based on which tuning you’ve selected. All ukuleles are fairly equal in terms of the pitch you can play!

For beginners the first thing you need to do is to check the notes with the tuner, and learn how to read this using the chart.

If you’re really into ukulele, read this beginner’s guide on how to play a ukulele in any tuning and how its done.

For more advanced uke players, learn how to tune a ukulele to the notes on the keyboard.

What do I play on my ukulele? The first thing you need to learn is when a certain note plays and how to play it. These things are called “the notes”. For example if you want to play a C tuning, you need to know what notes that are C, D, E, G, A and B

If you want to learn the note for

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