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I love the feeling of the neck of a guitar but the sound and feel of the ukulele is something completely different. i feel it really brings out the soul more.

how much easier do u think it is to play than guitar? im a librarian and i love that, when i go to my library and i play the ukulele i just hear a different sound from guitar.

Are ukulele lessons for new players ever harder than teaching guitar?

how i learn ukulele and guitar from home

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Why is it that ukulele music is a more difficult music for beginners than other instruments?

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A new study in the journal Psychological Science by psychologists in Canada has discovered an additional motivation behind the practice of smoking; it can boost the amount of nicotine a smoker wants to take up or to quit smoking.

Professor Thomas Goetzmann of the University of Toronto and his colleagues had 50 smokers complete the survey asking them to indicate whether they felt that smoking was an essential part of their life, or as a “cope”; and if they felt it was essential, their responses would show how close they felt to it. The researchers then monitored these participants for six months, asking them to report on how much they smoked, how often they smoked and whether they were able to quit.

At the end of the study the people who felt that smoking was essential had higher levels of nicotine in their blood than those who felt it was a comfort. But the researchers concluded that the ability to quit smoking can be “just as important to motivation in the decision to smoke as is motivation overall.”

“Our study shows that in some contexts, such as when being forced to do something by an authority figure, feeling important can be a strong motivator. A person need not feel that smoking is essential in order to use it as a help-saying device,” says Professor Goetzmann.

The results, which were published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could help to explain why smokers are motivated to smoke, argues Dr Michael Hulme, a clinical

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