Is ukulele easy for guitar players? – Youtube Learn How To Play The Ukulele Song By Laura

Very easy to play in both keys, and even easy if your fingers are used.

Easy to sing in the key of g. I sing in the key of f#, and i also sing in the key of f# minor too!

Guitar Fretboard Chart | Free Neck Diagrams Pdf
Great for beginners, yet still has enough complexity to have you writing songs with it!

The design makes it a perfect fit for both beginners and experienced guitarists, and is made of premium grade hardwood!

Why are you offering this at such an affordable price?

The hardwood is a natural wood and has the perfect grain/shape to create a comfortable grip on guitar strings.

The solid maple neck offers a comfortable range of motion.

You can easily bend the neck to make various fret marks on guitars and to create any custom look.

The slim neck angle makes it the ideal guitar for travel – whether the guitar is in the case, on the lap or in the car.

How do I open it?

You can either remove the neck in the standard manner with a flat blade in a jeweller’s box, or you can easily open a box and unscrew the nut.

Is there any difference in sound with different string gauges?

I’ve spent months testing different string gauges to discover what resonances they produced in my head.

The tuning machines give the most obvious effects and I’ve found that 5.08 is the best for me currently.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt, it is to put my acoustic guitar into ‘resting position’ for a couple of minutes after picking it up, or else it becomes a bit sticky, but that is the least of its concerns!

Will it fit standard sizes?

Yes, and if you are in doubt, you can always ask the staff in the shop.

How do I make it last?

I use a special technique by which I slowly warm my fingers over a piece of cotton cloth (also known as a ‘rub on’) to encourage the wood grain to grow inwards. This produces a smoothness and strength from the inside of the guitar that will last for many years.

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