Should I get a soprano or concert ukulele? – Buy A Ukulele

You are free to do what suits your musical style. Soprano is the traditional choice and is ideal for singing in groups due to their clear voice quality and the power and depth of expression it gives. Concert ukes are more popular with soloists and can be fitted more quickly than a standard Uke. In general, you will probably want to get a more expensive uke.

Can I sing baritone (low, medium and high range) at a Baroque ensemble?

To begin with, yes, but please make sure if you plan to sing some baritone music then you know how to pitch up or down. There is great flexibility on these recordings, and the voice remains well tempered through all octaves. If you need assistance, we are very open to suggestions.

Can I practice this in the studio?

Absolutely. The same technique will always work whether you are practicing at home or at our studio! There is a lot to learn when learning and playing in a Baroque ensemble, and there are so many things to try and master, so it is recommended to start slow. Remember, once you get into the groove and your chops become firm and your sense of pitch is clear, then you can take your skills to the next level.

Which voice should I choose?

You are free to find the voice that best suits your own personal needs. Please remember that some voices can sound great harmonically together, just so long as you have different accents to work with.

Is there any particular style of singing that I should stick with? Who and what should I look out for?

Yes – this is not just about finding a voice that suits you. If you find a performer or performance you enjoy, you will want to stay on and learn their style, their repertoire and their approach to music. The only way to get the most out of learning is to experiment, and learn from other people.

Do I need to learn any foreign languages to play this instrument?

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Absolutely not. The same process used to learn classical music will work for these performances. Even if you are not proficient in a given language, there are still many things you can apply (and use to your advantage) without a hitch. The main thing to remember is that your technique and approach will be influenced by the way you listen and you will need to take that into consideration.

What do the licks in the song “Beata” mean?


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