Should I get a soprano or concert ukulele?

Well, you need a good teacher to help you learn to play with both. A soprano is most suited for learning with. But a violin is great for teaching beginners to learn as well. For beginners, I recommend a uke that has just enough sustain to make it fun to play. For more advanced learning, I think an F-string guitar or acoustic bass is the best option.

How well am I going to learn to play the instrument?

I don’t know if practicing is your main motivation for picking up the guitar but if you can afford the lessons, it’s highly recommended. Having a good teacher will make your lessons much more enjoyable. If you have trouble with something, pick a higher or lower e-string and practice that for a while. It’ll teach you how to move forward instead of trying to figure something out after a whole hour. This way you’ll be more relaxed and relaxed will be your driving force in learning to play the instrument.

Where do you see the guitar in 20 years?

It’s unlikely that it’ll be seen as a serious music instrument because it’s pretty much not used in mainstream music. However, some people have great ideas on how it could be used for non-musical applications like medicine.

What’s your favorite player, and why?

Cody Jones: There’s this guy called Jason Leclaire who plays pretty good. He’s played guitar and drums and drums and it’s really impressive. He had a lot more practice time than I did. I think that helps him in some way.

Do you have any advice for students considering the guitar?

Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. I would never want to teach a student to play only in the first five minutes. Play a lot for more practice.

I know most of you are playing your first guitar lessons so there are definitely some things that I wouldn’t teach you. Like getting a good teacher because you’re the kid that needs a teacher the most. I have a teacher with 15 years experience. If I were to take over and I knew I was going to have to teach a lot, I would take a lot from him and just be a good teacher.

I would also tell you to pay attention to your body. If you get a little muscle cramping or pain or maybe it doesn’t play as well but you don’t notice too much until years later, you probably need to have a doctor.