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If you have ever had a string that broke in a string-wound ukulele, you will definitely want to replace your string with a new ukulele. String tension and tension weight are different between the ukulele and string, which affects how a new ukulele will be played. When you buy a new ukulele, the string weight that comes supplied will be the weight that has always been recommended for string-bound instruments. To use a pick with a string for ukuleles, remove the ukulele strings from the peghead, and set the pick’s pick tip at a 45-degree angle to your soundhole. (More information on picking: pick tip angle and tension.) If you are going to wear out the ukulele strings, you can replace the strings by hand.

The National Park Service has been using drones in some of its national parks and in state parks to collect data to better serve the American public.

The unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with cameras that detect obstacles like trees and trees in snow and ice to ensure the safe operation of aircraft. But there is one huge catch—they don’t require a permit. The U.S. Forest Service, which runs the parks, does have the right to use drones in certain situations.

The National Park Service plans to start putting people in the sky with drones in national parks this summer, although no one has yet gotten a permit. (Jonathan Watts/Reuters)

But the drone pilots are still trying to figure out how to make the unmanned aerial drones safe enough. So for now, they’re simply flying in restricted areas like national forests—but that may change if the park service opens a drone-testing facility to the public soon.

The National Park Service has no plans to release the drone pilot’s name, though some believe it’ll be named John.

The Park Service has used drones in some national parks—but not the ones in Montana where the pilot is using his drones. The unmanned aerial vehicles were not operating around people in Montana’s Glacier National Park, and one of the park service workers using them said they had never been there before. (The pilot is also not commenting publicly at this time.)

John said he has done “some sort of flight testing” in Glacier at the National Park Service’s request.

“In my personal experience, it hasn’t been problematic,” he said. “No people have had to intervene or anything

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