Should I use a pick with my ukulele? – Learn Ukulele Online Beginner Computer Course

As long as the nut of the pick you are using is not too short that you have to press the pick against your body with it, then you should be fine.

How many strings can I use with the ukulele?

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One, but there are some ukulele strings that have “duals” on each string, e.g. I used a 10% of a 10k d-string on my uke and a 5% string on my uke.

How does the bridge on the ukulele work?

The bridge on the ukulele uses a simple design:

The wood is glued between thin pieces of metal. The metal is bent to one point. The top end of the metal is glued to the bridge. The bottom ends of the metal are bent to a sharp point so the wood isn’t pushed down against the plastic. The wood is glued to the inside of the bridge. There are holes at both ends of the bridge for a nut. The bridge fits the soundboard and requires no additional work. It also helps protect the ukulele against water and other substances.

How do you store the ukulele?

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