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A bass player or a bassist. A bass player is very good at learning a ton of music and playing it well, whereas a bassist isn’t just a musician.

“He understands rhythm, he understands melody, he is very good with his hands and he understands chord.”

So how do we think about the different parts in music?

“It’s a bit like a puzzle where you’re looking at it from different perspectives and trying to make sense of it and figure out what it is,” she says.

“But it’s not just about the chord, it’s about the whole sound.”

The Beatles’ “It is my turn to shine” is one of the more memorable songs in rock history. But when she was at school, it was a little bit different.

“I couldn’t really sing, that’s for sure, so that was a really important song to me,” she says.

But, in the 1980s, with the rise of punk – her father – the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, it just felt like the world was turning away from singing.

“As a child, my dad always said, ‘You know, music is a very personal thing and you can’t please everybody’, so I started to look at it as an art form, you know?”

Her parents are both still very active in their musical ventures, as is her younger half-sister, Rachel, whose song “My God is the Sun” became one of the top songs in the UK charts.

“It helped me realise the power of music, not just in my own life, but in all people’s lives,” she says.

“So it helped my own generation to see that.”

That doesn’t mean Mrs Williams will never return to singing on stage again.

“I could,” she admits.
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“It was just about having another outlet. It’s not something that I enjoy.

“But I was young, in my teens and I didn’t really appreciate the work that was involved in being a singer. I think I’m just looking for something different now.

“Being a singer is like being a dancer … it’s very different, especially when you’re in front of a crowd, you are singing with people who love you.”

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