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An A, as that’s a bassist. They’re always on stage. They’re always playing the bass, and if anyone asked them where the bass came from, they’d say that was their father’s bass, a fiddle.

They say the A is the same as the G in the word “guitar.”

The B is the same as the F in the word “fiddle” — they even use it for their own instruments here.

Dana White Has Made It Rain In the UFC

By: Matt Mitrione | Editor

The UFC announced last weekend that UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey would be fighting Holly Holm as part of their blockbuster pay-per-view event at UFC 193. While the bout will take place on the weekend of July 9th, the fight will ultimately take place in just a matter of hours on July 10th. It’s an incredible decision to call a fight that will put two champions on the main card of one of the biggest fights of their careers in the middle of the country. The fight will happen and it will happen but if it wasn’t for Dana White’s decision, this fight wouldn’t happen.
How To Tune A Ukulele

Rousey is a superstar and the fact that she was supposed to fight at UFC 193 but then decided to instead host an annual event to help raise money to raise awareness for cancer research was quite disturbing.

Rousey said: “When we got it, we realized this is a big deal so we thought, ‘Why don’t we just show it on Friday?’ And that’s what we did.”

However, this decision cost the UFC fans the ability to see Rousey’s fight as she wouldn’t make more money for a fight that is going to take place on Saturday. Even though Holly Holm was originally scheduled for the fight this weekend, she was forced to pull out due to an injury suffered at UFC 200 and was replaced by Cat Zingano. This move has made it unlikely that the fight will ever happen. While the fans of either fighter may still still want to see the fight, UFC will still have the benefit of the fight. Although, White himself made clear when he said “if it means you don’t see Holly Holm fight Ronda Rousey on July 9th, it means you probably don’t watch Rousey fight.”

Unfortunately, this type of decision didn’t just affect Rousey but also Holm, who is scheduled to compete in

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