What do you call someone that plays the ukulele? – Ukulele Lesson Plan

Someone who is “Uke-lite”. An ukulele player in my household is a “Skee-lite”

A ukulele player who is Skee-lite is an “Uke-lite”. Skee-lite is also my slang term for someone “out of practice”. The ukulele is a relatively new musical instrument and the only instrument I play. What happens when you play it is a totally unique experience. It’s much different than playing the violin or any other instrument or playing music in general. No music in my family ever grew up, so there’s never been a musical education I’ve had. I can learn, but there’s no way I’m going to go to classes or colleges to learn music.

I’m glad my parents got their kids into music! Music has been around for as long as my dad can remember. We didn’t grow up on a regular level of music, but we always understood the music that was played in our homes. Music was a real part of life for me, a part of all of my life. It can be scary to learn music, but just because it’s scary doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome! If you follow the path of becoming a “Skee-lite” then it’s an awesome road!

Are there any songs that you like to play during your shows?

Yes! I like really popular songs that people like to sing along to.

On the other hand I like a wide range of songs from popular music. I like “All Day”, “I’m Free”, “Rockin’ Around The Block”, “My Way”, “Let’s Get It On” “All I Ever Wanted”, “Crazy”, “Glycerine”, “The Best Thing In The World”

All Of The Lights by Katy Perry

I really don’t play them all, but there are plenty to choose from!

I’ve been asked if I have any tattoos. Yes I do, I have some piercings and some tattoos are on my upper arms, but I wear them down on the chest and in my shoulders.

Why do you like the sound of ukulele?

I really like the sound of the ukulele. It can be a bit loud, especially on the lower strings, but I like the sound of it and I love the feel of it! It can be very loud, like a lot of instruments are,

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