What is the best ukulele brand to buy? – Z Chord Ukulele

– I would always recommend a new one! I have used every brand but I feel like their sound quality can’t be beat but their weight can sometimes be a turn off for me.

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My Favorite Sound – I like a very strong, consistent sound, so I tend to go for a more heavy sounding ukulele (e.g. I really enjoy the sounds of Cielo and Ibanez’s offerings). However I like the variety of music played using my ukulele and it’s nice being able to change the sound from a blues style to an electric guitar chord progression, or a jazz-styled playing style, depending on how I intend to play.

Does your ukulele look good in pictures? – I am very pleased with the looks and quality of my ukulele. However, I don’t own many ukuleles so I prefer to show them off to my friends and family.

Do you buy ukuleles new, used or secondhand? – My preference would be that any piece of music that I want to play or have played should be new, used or secondhand.

Is ukulele repair a part of your job? – Yes and no. If i need to work on my ukulele for the sake of playing music with it I am happy to repair it. However, if i am playing in a band and need to make repairs I like to make sure that the ukulele performs well so that it will be well kept and look like new. I would like to be able to give the ukulele to my players as a gift as if he were to come to my gig he would be the first to know about the fact.

Do you practice with other instruments while playing ukulele? – Yes and no, I have never played any other instrument while playing guitar (except violin). I do occasionally play piano, however if I have a busy schedule or just can’t make it to the piano I prefer to rely only on my ukulele. Also I would prefer to play the ukulele only once while having a good time because it is fun to perform with only one instrument and with only your partner by your side.

What is the first question that comes into your head when you think of a guitar? – A guitar, a guitar, a guitar, a ukulele.

What is your favourite Ukulele Strings? –

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