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Miles: The guitar! I have to be honest with you! I played drums. I did an audition and sang in a band.

The piano, however, is the easiest. You just sit there and you go. It’s fun when you do that.

The first official images of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight have surfaced online showcasing an entirely new character and a new look to gameplay.

The newly-updated Batman: Arkham Knight trailer looks nothing like the game we’ve been hearing about since March, with little to no new footage to share. The new footage, though, shows a new character and a new style for combat.

In the video below, you can see the Arkham Knight character in action, as well as some brand-new gameplay footage. It looks like the new gameplay focuses on Batman and Robin, the younger versions of the two characters from the Batman: Arkham Asylum game.

The new character is a bat-like shape that resembles a bat wing, and has a different type of cape and hood. It also sports a scar on its face, which is a different type of scar from Joker’s scar that appears in previous trailers.

The trailer looks to show off some new elements of the game, including an in-game map designed by acclaimed designer and Dark Knight artist, David Finch. It’s unclear where else this map is featured in the game, but it’s probably located near the Batcave.

Batman: Arkham Knight hits Xbox One, PS4, and PC April 23, 2016.

“I’m glad he took a stand and was able to take what I wanted to take,” the mother of 18-month-old Ethan told The Washington Post.

The toddler was shot in an alley in Harlem Thursday after apparently attempting to steal candy from a 7-Eleven, where police say their mother was shopping

Sandra Soto told the Post that her “heart sank” when she heard her child saying, “Mommy, I want candy,” before the gunman pulled his gun and fired a single round.

“I thought, ‘What a horrible way for his innocence to be killed,'” said Soto, who says she and her toddler did nothing wrong. “It hurt his heart to live to see something like that.”

Police released a sketch of the gunman and took him into custody following a six-hour interview with witnesses.

Authorities say they believe the 2.3-year-old boy had been trying

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