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Is it ok to do the double take around women that use the “I’m a woman” expression? Is it a good thing? I always ask friends but can you say that with a straight face? And is it true that men with the expression say things like “Hey, honey” or “Hey, honey” when they are talking to a female when they are not even looking at them?

In case you were under the impression that Google’s Pixel phones will be Google Assistant-powered, it turns out you were right. Google has announced that all new Pixel phones will come with the capability to integrate Google Assistant, allowing you to do a little bit of work while you’re driving, using Wi-Fi, and most other situations.

What’s more, a new option called “Assistant On” will be available to enable you to get to work or other activities whenever you want without having to pull one of your phone out of your pocket or bag—or worse, your pockets out of your bag. This is available in the U.S. starting October 4, so make sure you head to the Pixel website and activate the “Assistant On” option.

We’ll be sure to update you if the feature is available in other markets, and be sure to share any updates on availability here.

The move to push Google Assistant to your phone comes courtesy of the Android 7.1 Nougat update, which was deployed late last month. While the new version was originally expected to make it through Google’s security vetting process before going public with a major update, the update was bumped up from 7.0 to Nougat, which was then rolled out to Pixel phones earlier this week.

Google started out slowly with the Pixel phones’ rollout with Android 7.0, although it has since ramped up in September’s Nougat betas. The Google Assistant rollout is likely to become a bigger event once the update hits the Pixel phones.

As for Pixel phones running Android 8.0 Oreo, Google already posted its list of what’s available for download when Google Assistant is enabled. You can find it below:

Pixelbook (Google Pixel)

Pixel Launcher (Olive)

Quick Settings


Google Assistant (Olive)

Google Assistant (Google Pixel)

Oppo Nexus 7 (Google Pixel 2)


Pixel Launcher

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