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Tchaikovsky: My first piano lesson I got all by myself at school, I got only two lessons a week and we didn’t talk about it. Every day was a musical lesson. And I’m very happy to sing on stage. As someone who’s always wanted to sing my songs, it’s an amazing experience. I’ll tell you why. I don’t need to hear myself sing, and you also never know who is listening to what. So my audience can be whatever they want. So I feel that singing on stage is a very good experience because we can share that experience on stage. It’s more spontaneous and not like a concert where you have to plan everything. On stage, you don’t have to talk a lot about what happens in a song. And you can talk at the same time as well [laughs]. So the people in the audience can hear you and react with you. If you have enough energy, they will always react to you even if you don’t hear it. Also with that, if you tell me a joke in a song, I could also answer it. I don’t think it is important if you are trying to sing or to speak, because most of the people are too relaxed. So if we get up on stage and play “Dancing Night,” it’s like, “Wow,” they are singing the joke as if we are saying our own stuff, which we never do, but what kind of reaction do we get from the audience? That’s the good thing.

How did you find your voice?

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Tchaikovsky: I have my mother and father. I’m really very shy, but when we’re rehearsing music, I can hear my voice and my whole body feels like that. I don’t know why. But when I start singing and you start hearing that and it feels so good….you can’t imagine that it should feel good. You have to be strong enough to sing it.

How exactly do you feel when you’re singing?

Tchaikovsky: It’s such a feeling to be able to sing. If you want to show off a person’s abilities in a great performance, you have to think about how to sing. It could be good for the singer, but I don’t think it means that you have to sing as often as the audience expects. You have a great opportunity, if you want to sing, for you to express yourself, with your body, without feeling like it will make a big

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