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After a lengthy hiatus from the spotlight, former New Britain Rockland high school wrestling champion Eric Bischoff is set to be inducted into the U.S. Wrestling Hall of Fame Friday.

Bischoff, 63, is the third wrestler to reach that milestone.

“Thank you to the members of the New Britain, Connecticut and North Stonington, Connecticut public wrestling communities, and the members of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum for nominating me for induction,” he wrote in the announcement. He is currently a member of ROH.

Bischoff joined the New Britain and North Stonington wrestling communities in 1965, before becoming a star in the New Britain, Connecticut and North Stonington, Connecticut Public Schools. His father, Joe Bischoff Sr., was a wrestling coach in both high schools before being fired in 1998 for alleged mismanagement.

A native of New York’s Bronx borough, Bischoff grew up watching local wrestling stars such as Frank Bruno, Bobo Brazil, and Bobby Eaton, among others, in his childhood home. He started working with wrestling on the side, and eventually he took over a promotion called “Roughhouse Wrestling.”

Bischoff was initially a tag team wrestler and eventually started fighting in ring at that time. He later entered the WWE and then made his way into the WWE Hall of Fame along with John Cena. He was inducted in 2015 after his son, Eric Sr., was added into the class, along with former WCPW Hall of Famer Jerry Briscoe and wrestler Steve Regal.

Bischoff joined ROH in 2003 after the company’s owner Brian Cage left the promotion. After a series of departures from ROH and WWE over the years, Bischoff and Cage joined forces in 2010. The partnership was officially dissolved in 2013, with Cage and Bischoff each leaving the promotion.

Bischoff returned to wrestling in 2014 and immediately signed with ROH to wrestle the likes of Shane Strickland, Alberto Del Rio, AJ Styles, and Johnny Gargano, among others. The first year, he debuted in New York against veteran Jay Briscoe, and would later win the championship against the aforementioned Briscoe at WrestleMania 32.

In 2015, Bischoff went on a tear, racking up victories against ROH’s original roster, including Drew Gulak and John Bradshaw.

In March, Cage announced he would be leaving the company at the

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