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The best size to buy is an 18-22″ size. They are available in both black and red ebony or rosewood. I don’t know if it’s only red ebony or not that I was referring to as I had black. Either way they look very different. The rosewood looks like a brownish or light amber colored maple or maple tree. This is due to the natural oils within the wood, which I could not describe.

But it’s true that they are beautiful, and are a favorite with many. A good starting point for your first guitar is that in the beginning I wouldn’t buy a size larger than an 18-22. The only thing worse than the 18-22 is the 18-18. But if you are new to electric guitar then start with the 18-18 with the bridge set flush in place to avoid any problems with the fretting hand. This is a huge disadvantage, and there is a method I’ve found to overcome this. The good news is that the 18-22 is a bit thicker than you would expect to find on a 14g guitar. There is a good reason for this, which I hope this document sheds a little more light on. The thickening is due to the thickness of the strings. The 18-22 is much larger than a 14gr. There are two main reasons for this. The main reason for the thickness is the two-string approach. The larger thickness of the strings allows for the use of thinner gauge strings, which results in improved tonal quality. This is of course also true of the two-string approach. This is also why there are two sizes in this document. The 18-22 is available in white or rosewood. I don’t know if there are actually any differences among these woods. There are a number of differences that I noticed. One difference is that the 18-32 is thicker than the 18-15; if you’re not very experienced with the 18-15 you may find that the 18-32 is the right size for you. Another is that the 18-22 has a shorter and steeper profile. I’m not going to get into that here, it’s more than a little confusing. There are a couple of different versions (18-10, 18-15 and 18-22) of the 18-22. But the 16-22 is the main one I would recommend for beginners.

Is the 18-22 “all or nothing” or does it offer some options?

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