Where is middle C on a ukulele? – Baritone Ukulele Lessons For Beginners

This is where the magic stops for many players. You can get in there, and there are a ton of players who are willing to do it, but it isn’t as easy to learn as you would hope. The rules seem a bit complicated, the ukuleles are a bit heavier than most, the scales are a bit on the large side, and of course the ukes are harder to get into than your average ukulele.

I wanted to give a beginner to the game this resource, where they can see how to play ukulele music from all of the different styles. I also wanted them to feel like they got something out of learning, so they didn’t go in with an absolute blank slate. When you put it all together, they will learn how to play and enjoy playing ukulele music for the first time.

Here are the pages I created. They are split across 5 topics:

The Music of the Ukulele: There are basically 4 basic genres of ukulele music:





There are 4 types of ukulele music:

Empathies (Eminences)


Informal Music

How to learn how to play:

First you will be asked which genre(s) you are interested in playing. I recommend starting with Piano. If you are new to playing piano, this will be a lot more enjoyable for you than your other 2 genres. You can either play in the style of piano, which makes the music a bit harder to understand and learn, or try an improvisation style and make it easier if you want. There is no one right way to learn. You will figure it out in time.
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Now you are asked which instrument(s) you are interested in. There is no such thing as wrong instrument. If that seems a bit confusing, think of the violin. If you love violin-y music, that is what your instruments are being asked to do. If you love music from different genres, that will just allow you to enjoy playing music you already enjoy, which is a nice perk. If you like something else, go for it.

Now you are asked to say which instrument(s) play what in that particular style of music. These are the instrument(s) you can choose when playing the game

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