Which is harder piano or guitar?

I would say piano (or guitar).

What are the most difficult things to write on a piano keyboard?

It can be different things depending on the piano. Most of the best piano is made from a certain piano that has a lot of things with big notes, but it isn’t too hard to put the best piano and the best music. It is easier to make better melodies in other instruments and to write those melodies by moving the sound in other instruments.

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When I was learning how to make melodies on the piano, I saw how much difference it made and I realized that I can make them pretty on the piano and I never would have learned how to do it otherwise.

How did you get interested in music as a child?

I got interested in music at one time. My father had some kind of musical activity for kids, and I was really interested in that. (laughs)

(On the topic of how music influences your life: )

Music can bring inspiration. When I listen to music, I have a feeling of things that are important to me and things that are important to the world.

What is being done about the new “Gays for Palestine” initiative?

The Palestinian Initiative for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign has received significant international attention in light of the recent developments in Israel. While we strongly condemn the actions of the Israeli government which are in violation of international law and in violation of their obligations under international law, there are many ways that Palestinians can work in solidarity with Israel in the hope that that peace settlement will eventually be able to move ahead.

The Palestinian BDS National Committee (PABC) stands behind the Palestinian people and the rights of the Palestinian people. We believe they deserve the rights to self-determination and that we must always seek an international solution to Palestinian security and Palestinian freedom. We affirm the right to non-violent resistance which must include building and dismantling settlements.

We have always stated that the BDS movement is a grassroots movement and in such a way that any Palestinian movement, in Palestine or abroad, can and must be effective. As soon as this campaign gained momentum in 2006, we launched a mass boycott to support Israel’s war with Gaza, as well as to call for an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, the occupation of Gaza and the occupied West Bank. We have since expanded that boycott in support of Palestinian rights to self-determination, freedom of movement and the environment