Which size ukulele is best?

I have owned two large (5’9″-7′) ukuleles and have found that the small sizes have a much better quality than the larger sizes.

Why are some of the larger ukuleles so thin and light?

For the same reason you find ukulele’s that are just as thin or too thick (think ukuleles with a more weighty feel) — they are simply trying to pack as much sound as possible and to avoid adding any weight to the body.

Why do you need a pickup?

You want to play in a tuning that will match your scale and your tuning, and the ukulele can help give you that pitch, tone, and feel. A high-quality ukulele does not have to be expensive; it just needs to have that special tuning.

Do you pick up the ukulele when you play?

For the first half of my playing career I would pick it up all the time. I had to learn how to play the uke in one hand, and at my best speed it was my main instrument. It’s just easier than picking a pick or a string to play.

How do you know when it is time to move on?
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When I’m not happy with the ukulele’s tune or pitch and it isn’t producing power. It’s like the worst day of your life. That same ukulele could sound very good in 15 years. A bad sounding ukulele does not sound good for 15 years. So you are never disappointed.

What is the most important thing you want from your ukulele?

It depends on what you are playing and how good it is.

Do you ever play ukuleles out of tune?

If you are not playing with a great tuning in mind, then you shouldn’t. The sound of a low resonant ukulele will be pretty flat. If your tuning is perfect you can probably play out of tune just fine. You just may think you are not playing in tune.

Do you have some tips for new or experienced ukulele players?

Just start with a tuner or a tone arm. With a good tuner or tone arm you can tune your ukulele very quickly in one day without having to pay attention to the internal tuning. It can be difficult to find a good tun