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The E-CUBE is my current favourite – especially at a price that’s under £50 – and it’s really that simple. When you use a DAW like Ableton Live or Logic Pro, the sound quality can be very high, and there are huge choices to make – but a basic E-CUBE is a great way to open your wallet up to the world. It comes from a very high price point – so if you’re not sure about it (it’s the most expensive ukulele we test), stick with the E-CUBE if you can afford to do that. In that case, however, I’d still go for the more cost-effective J-Pro because it comes with all the sounds and effects that a good ukulele should. Of the three instruments we test, the J-Pro is the most versatile and sounds best with drum loops and a bassline. I’d definitely go for the E-CUBE over the J-Pro for the same reason, although it’s not an issue with live performances that I do. I love the Bajan, the E-CUBE is a great sounding instrument – it’s just good too.

Which ukulele has the best sound?

With the M-Audio U-Bass II, we’re seeing a trend towards more ‘modern’ sounding instruments being pushed to the cutting edge of bass sounds and instrument sounds. Even if you don’t spend a large budget on bass, the M-Audio U-Bass II is a solid bass – with plenty of warmth and punch. The Bajan, E-CUBE and other inexpensive instruments do this very best. It’s really important to check your budget if you’re looking to spend around £45 or so on a ukulele, though (the C-Sonic is my current favourite because it sounds best with vocals as well) – you’ll be pleased to learn that you don’t have to choose between the other instruments in this test.

Which ukulele has the best sound?

A lot of music sounds better with more bass. On the flip side, the bass on a decent ukulele can sometimes be overpowering and overpowering makes people jumpy! You want a balance of everything – and you can usually find a nice balance with the M-Audio C-Sonic if you take a look at it’s reviews. You can pick the M-Audio B

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