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The biggest consideration for most people is the choice between different brands of ukuleles. There are literally thousands of available ukuleles in a wide variety of styles and colours such as: mahogany, rosewood or other exotic woods which all have different character and sounds; or you might want to try the different types of ukuleles available for each body style (woodblock, plastic body, double neck, etc.). In order to buy the best ukulele for you, I would recommend finding a reputable dealer with a solid record of performing ukuleles in all the key wood types and styles. Try some online reviews of their customers and ask questions if there are any. If you’re new to the ukulele world or looking for something a little more exotic than your standard stringed instruments, you also might want to consider picking up one of these acoustic ukuleles instead.

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Why shouldn’t I buy an acoustic ukulele for myself?

As a beginner with no string knowledge or experience, there’s no way you are going to understand how to string a ukulele well enough! A good acoustic ukulele is designed for listening and playing along with the sound itself which isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when considering buying an instrument. There are many companies around who offer courses for beginners and they usually require a solid background in music theory and tuning before they’ll even take you on board! If you’re a little more advanced, or if you need an extra hand or an extra guitar or bass player, an electric ukulele is the way to go!

If you’re really interested in learning the technique and technique involved in this instrument but just don’t want to invest a lot of money in a teacher that might have a bunch of new techniques and the necessary equipment, you could have a few choices:

Buy a good quality acoustic ukulele from a good manufacturer (usually from one of these companies with a dedicated acoustic ukulele course available to take you) and keep your old ukulele in a different, safe place as it’s not guaranteed that it’ll be as happy with new strings as it was before. Also, be sure your ukulele is always tuned, and that you know how to set your tuning on your ukulele. Even with a properly tuned ukulele, you might hear the difference in sound if you listen in with your ukule

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