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I just got a ukulele pick and it sounds like a “real” ukulele pick (not the plastic plastic ukulele picks that are on sale at stores). The pick can take a good hold on the string, I do notice. I was surprised that it really felt so light. It was hard to tell how strong the picks are. I would not expect a ukulele pick that is used by ukulele players at the professional level to take a good hold on a string. But I didn’t find it to be very bad. I also noticed that the picks were much lower in resistance than an ukulele pick. Also, there is a small groove in the middle of the pick and it seems it would dig into the string. This is typical for a very inexpensive ukulele pick, such as the one that I got. I believe the problem is the “rubber soles” on the ukulele pick surface. (Rubber soled ukulele pick – see my article How to replace your ukulele pick with a non-rubber soled ukulele pick)

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What would a ukulele pick feel like in my hand? Does the feel vary with the string length?

I am using an inexpensive ukulele pick for practice. As far as feel you can tell that it’s not very light. It feels more like a plastic guitar pick, but much more solid. The strings feel a bit stiff, but not unplayable. The pick is very flexible and I never have to be worried that it would scratch the string. It is still very light with a comfortable grip. I have a lot of practice time on a string with a variety of tension sets. (I play my ukulele string like a piano string, so I have many uses other than string playing. My practice time is short).

Please tell me if there are any recommendations I can make for beginners.

Here is a suggestion that might help for some beginners:

Here are my 3 favorite ukulele string strung for string playing. They are all made in the ukulele factory. They all look pretty similar and I think it’s best to just choose the ukulele strings that you like and follow the guidelines on the ukulele strung string page. If you are unsure which ukulele string is the best for you I would

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