Why does my ukulele sound twangy? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Techniques Advanced

The reason why your ukulele can sound twangy, is that your neck has a thin skin layer between the bones. This skin layer, called the spines, acts as the ‘bridge’ between the strings, which are actually the vibrating strings and actually vibrates as the string stretches. A thin skin layer between the strings, this means that your strings won’t sound loud when they are stretched – they’ll sound like the strings will actually crack on the bridge. This means you have a different kind of sound, called a ‘sang’ rather than a twang.

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This means your ukulele also sounds louder, because the air above it is not vibrating as fast as the air to either side of it.

You may ask if your ukulele sounds ‘too’ high when it’s played. The answer is NO, and this is because the high notes of your ukulele are actually slightly higher than the tone note – they’re a few octaves above ‘the natural note’.

(NOTE: It doesn’t hurt if your ukulele sounds really ‘heavy’ when you play it low – you can go higher, your sound will sound louder, AND you’ll always feel like you’ve got room to grow!)

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