Why does my ukulele sound twangy?

Here is an example of the kind of low note and pitch variation that can occur in a ukulele. Note that the high notes here are in Bb. It is a very close transcription.

How about a good way to learn the scale?

There are two main ways that we learn scales to prepare for a ukulele performance. The first way we do this, and I have heard this method a lot, is with metronome patterns. However, the second path to learning scales is via tablatures.

You may recall back in high school, when you would learn a scale up by itself, you would often play a pattern like this, which is a pattern you learned as a kid using a record player. The pattern has a regular pattern and then alternates between one of them and the other. It is also a bit repetitive, so the pattern that you learned as a kid in your recording studio will be slightly different than the pattern that you can play. These two patterns are called “tabla”, as in “tabla” in Indian. The scales we learn when playing ukulele are named, as in the following scales, after a tabla tabla scale, and which are the scales that you’ll learn to read, as in “Syd” in Indian.

Syd (Tabla)

Shakti (Rhythmic Scale)

Achim (Rhythmic Scale)

Yuga (Rhythmic Scale)

We can also learn a few scales, like the following chart that has some scale images on it to show us how to hear them:

File:Ukulele 103.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
To learn how to read scales in tablature, it will take me a bit of time. When I began learning scales, I would pick up a few scales right away and go “oh, there’s another one” or something. Then I would keep up a habit of memorizing the tablature of the scales. After a while, I could pick out all of the tablature, so many scales! For example, if I wanted to learn the following four scales for ukulele, you can see the scales I used for ukulele on the first page below, as well as some of the tabla scales that will be included here too. All of the scales will be marked with a circle as my notation is already on these scales.

The second way I learn scales is via tablatura. A big part