Why is ukulele so popular? – How To Learn The Ukulele Fast Neck

One might wonder why a traditional instrument, like the acoustic-bass, whose sole function in the modern world is musical? The answer will be readily apparent, if one looks at the following facts:

Ukulele is the fastest-growing and most important instrument in the world!

It is a popular instrument for those who are not skilled in other musical instrument, like, drums, or a piano.

The Ukulele was designed by J.S. Bach as a “solo instrument”. The violin was invented, but as it was created specifically for orchestra use during this time, violin players were only able to play it with a voice alone.
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This is what people today are saying in regard to playing the Ukulele, to the point where there are musicians who have achieved a very high level of proficiency, like Steve Vai playing the ukulele in an orchestra: “I could play that [Uke]” … Steve Vai also said, “No one likes to play with a Uke”.

In this interview, Steve Vai explains how he plays his ukulele, so you too, can play the ukulele without thinking about it being an “old-fashioned instrument”.

How do ukulele players play?

The most advanced guitar players can play the ukulele as its very core, while all the rest of the ukulele players simply use their fingertips to play the ukulele. The standard notation for the ukulele consists of only 3 steps. Each position corresponds to a particular note and is referred to as the “key of a ukulele”, so there are 7 different keys (not counting the 3rd position). You will find these keys in a table that I made. Here is an example of the key of a uke.

Uke Key (from the table below)

Key of Uke (from the table below) Key Key of Uke (from the table below) Key Key of Uke (from the table below) 3 1 0 2 3 0-1 0 0 2 4 5 2 0-2 4 5 1 0-3 5 1 2-5 6 3-4 3 1-2 (note: all numbers are from top to bottom) 6 7 4-2 5 4-5 7 2-0 7 4 3-4 8 5-1 5 5-2

All keys are played in a specific manner

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