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There are a number of studies done on whether art classes are worth it. In one study, the value of a class varied from $0 to $10,000. The results of the study were surprising: the higher the price tag, the less art subjects participants liked in the class. So if you’re ready to give you’ll pay for it, it makes sense to study that value. Also, the number of hours people spent in a class was not necessarily related to whether they liked it.

Does it really help your career?

It is well established that art makes a big difference in the way we perceive what someone is actually capable of, and why we should be impressed with them. It’s clear that working with art is more effective in this area than working in other domains where the job is simple. Some studies have even found that arts-related classes improve the performance of applicants to companies they’re applying for.

There is some mixed results, too. A study from 2014 showed that an 8-week arts training made only a small difference in the overall performance of the applicants. Also, if art is a form to which employers respond well it may be a great way to find a job. There is evidence that art courses that are well-respected by the job seekers actually have better job prospects.

Is an art class really worth having?”

The art of teaching. It’s not a cheap and easy thing to do, but the rewards are definitely worth the time and effort it takes.

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