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Some of the ways that they are different may involve working on different types of music. In other words, you shouldn’t use the brain as if it were a toy.

One way is to play music which is “staged”. I played piano when I was a kid so when I think of artists, I always think of the music which I like to play in the studio.

Then there’s the technique of playing that music which gives you the chance to make mistakes. The music you like to play gives an opportunity for people who have heard you to take a few moments in the studio and to give their opinion about the music. That can make a difference.

Do artists have similar or more varied brains? Are artists similar to dogs?

Yes they all can be studied, but I think that if you look at some of the artists, I think you can detect that there is some difference between animals. Dogs that are very expressive have many similarities with some animals of the same size, such as elephants and bears.
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I think you just can’t study animals, you need to consider whether you can do something which is a lot of fun like music or something which is an art form or something where the rewards are greater or different, so if you can do that you can tell them which brain is better.

And what about other things? Some animals have different personalities. If you ask other scientists which are the best dancers, they’ll all say dogs.

When you’re in charge of a laboratory for instance, what you have are three main types of humans. Most people think of the two main groups. The ones who work for large corporations, there’s the one who works for the company and then there’s the other who works on the margins. For instance the bank and the lawyer. You can make a difference if you can find someone who’s not so successful at his job but who does a pretty good job at finding other people who are willing to work for the company. And you can even take a different approach and find someone who’s really good at chess for instance. Chess is a lot of fun, but it teaches you some things about managing people.

That’s exactly the approach I took as a student when I first started studying. One of the major skills I acquired was a certain level of flexibility in your approach, that was very useful for me at the bank. I worked with several employees who were not very good at their work but who were capable of taking care of customers

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