Are artists brains different?

What are the biggest things that change when they move from one career to another?

When I started out as a rapper it was like… the whole world was a different place for me. I was moving around a lot more; I was on tour all over the world. All those things change your brain. So in some ways what I try to do as a new artist is really focus on the stuff I love and ignore my life experiences when I’m on tour. You have a whole life experience to put into songs. I feel like the only way to do that is through music. I don’t want things like your life when you’re on tour to be in your music.

Is it true that you’ve been on tour every year?

For the most part yes.

When was your first tour? How would you summarize the tour like… that was a year ago, yesterday.

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It feels like it has been 15 years, just because it was over in five days. There’s no one I’ve been on that I don’t recognize now. I’m old enough to tell you that I still look the same. I’ve been on so many tours I probably recognize all of your faces from all these. I am still living in this time period and I still feel like I just graduated college. I’ve not gone anywhere. So you just go to every show and you stay. It’s the same as you were. It’s not like I just finished school, you didn’t go out to dinner with all your friends who you’ve always known because of your music, it’s just something like this, so many different ways for us to deal with it. It is what it is. It is what it is right now and not what it is. And I’ve been blessed with my life to be here.

Did you ever consider quitting music?

Oh no. Like I say I’m not one to give up before a challenge because I’m the kind of person that can go through whatever it takes. If anything, one thing was to see who my family is and find out what’s right for my family and what’s right for me. I didn’t have to make music to get a job or anything. It just gave me an opportunity to do whatever my life wants me to do. I always looked at it in a bigger picture and realized that I wanted to grow as an artist and I want to do this all this crazy shit that I always dreamed about but it wasn