Can adults learn to draw? – Online Art Lessons For Children

Is it just for kids or do people actually draw?

Well, one day I was talking with an artist friend of mine and she mentioned that the kids in her grade were drawing lots of animal shapes and lots of animals were on her walls in the bathroom. It was kind of a shock, because I was a lot younger then and didn’t really see much animals in my life. But she’s not the typical artist. She likes drawing animals. Then I saw this photo of a drawing she made and that really made me think that this is something that adults can do. She uses a computer to draw the animal shapes and then she transfers them to canvas and puts them on paper. And the thing is, that’s what adults do when they have a computer in their hands and they can draw. And to me, it kind of makes you want to learn to drawing and draw more.
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Can the Internet or other things like that change the way you think about artists, your work, or the art you see?

Well, of course there’s an Internet. It has a huge impact. People were used to painting by hand now? That doesn’t happen anymore – the last painter or the last artist to ever be using the computer was George Seurat in the ’20s. I mean, he was doing everything by hand. You couldn’t just get a brush and go out and paint with it. Now you don’t have to worry about that. Now your digital technology allows you to, at least with some digital art, to not be limited to the traditional techniques that you used to do what you do. Maybe it’s easier to do a bit more with the brush and make more dynamic shapes than it used to be. You can take a picture, and now you can edit it in Photoshop, and then send it off to be published in a magazine. But in the old days, if I was in a gallery, and I wanted to see old masters and it didn’t even cost anything to see them, I had to be a little bit of a purist and I had to do it at a gallery near me. Now I can go and explore any museum I want, and it doesn’t cost me anything to see any old master, even if I don’t like any old masters, and I can share it with others in my community. I used to be a little bit of a purist, but now I’m a little bit of an open soul. And if those things mean that I do not have to

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