Can adults learn to draw? – Online Art Lessons Ks1

When I have taught art in the previous school years, the answer always has been “yes”. Even as a pre-school-aged individual we have also been taught to draw. But what of adults who are learning and wanting to create themselves, that are not able to learn at home – or even attend school? That is where The Art of Drawing is being introduced.

My wife has been working with me on my learning to draw project which is aimed at adults with little to no formal art training. My other child and daughter will continue this project and I am in the process of designing and developing my own painting tool. I hope to share my progress in blog posts to allow everyone to keep up to date with my creative process and future projects.

The number of people living in poverty has increased in the UK but has become much worse in some areas.

In October 2012, 2.7 million people lived in households with incomes below half the median household income. This figure increased one percent to 2.8 million in October 2013, according to official data from the Office for National Statistics.

This means that, while the poverty rate has fallen by one percentage point to 28.6 per cent, in some parts of the UK families in poverty have increased their income by a bigger amount.

In Wales, poverty levels declined by 0.3 percentage points while in Northern Ireland the poverty rate has fallen by 0.6 percentage points. Poverty levels have also fallen considerably in the National Health Service, down by 1.6 percentage points this year, but by 1.1 percentage points over the last three years.

But the rate of decline in poverty rates has eased, meaning that at 21 per cent in England, the rise in poverty in some areas has come to an end.

The number of people in poverty has fallen

The figures highlight long-term developments in the way the UK is divided between higher income earners and those at lower incomes.

For example, in 2012, a large proportion of people in households with incomes below 90 per cent of the median household income were still living in poverty. At 22 per cent.

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On the other hand, in the same year that the number of people living in poverty fell to 2.7 million, the number of people with less than £12,580 a year in household income fell by 5.3 million people.

The figures show that some areas of the UK have seen larger cuts to poverty, but others have seen smaller changes.

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